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Be Thankful | Colossians 3:15

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About us

Whether you have been around church your entire life or this is your first time checking out a church in Everett, Bible Baptist Church has something for you. Bible Baptist Church has been a part of the Everett community for over 45 years. Countless people and families have been impacted by the ministry. We are a loving church family excited about what God is doing. Our hope is that you will take the next step and visit us at one of our services.

What can I expect on my first visit? 
When you come to Bible Baptist Church you will quickly find a warm, friendly group of people committed to making church exciting, life-changing, and enjoyable. There are services for the whole family that include wonderful singing, a time of biblical teaching, and an opportunity to make a decision to follow Jesus Christ.

Loving nursery care and interpretation for the Deaf H/H is available at each service. Translation earphones are also available for Spanish and Russian.

Church Leadership Team

Erik Sanders


Sam Green

Youth Pastor

Jeff Sebers

Assistant to the Pastor

Bobby Gall

Children's Director

Keith Birdsong

Music Director

John Baron

Head Deacon

Don Carroll


Milton Vicente


Les Krestel


Mark Faylor


Rayme Reed


Bob Hilt


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Bible Baptist Church is located in Everett, Washington. You can’t miss our church at 805 West Casino Road. As you approach the main building, one of our greeters will meet you and direct you to the right classes and services. They can also answer other questions you may have.

Address: 805 W. Casino Rd

Everett, Washington 98204


Phone: (425) 353-6200


Transmission Boxes

I heard a story recently about Henry Ford. The story went something like this:

A small company was contracted to box up and transport transmissions for the Model A to the Ford factory. Mr. Ford had some curious demands from this transport company. He gave them specific instructions about what type of wood they were to make the transport boxes out of and even laid out exactly where they were to drill holes to screw the boxes together. This transport company didn’t know why Mr. Ford was so concerned about the boxes that the transmissions came in, but to get the contract they followed his instructions and started making boxes and transporting transmissions.

One day the owner of the transportation company rode along with a delivery driver and dropped off a load of transmissions at the factory. Shortly after arriving at the Ford assembly plant the owner began to realize why Mr. Ford was so particular about his transportation boxes.

As the transmissions were offloaded from the trucks a worker would unscrew the boxes and put the transmissions on the assembly line. What the workers then did with the empty boxes surprised the transportation company owner. The empty boxes were put into another pile and carefully taken apart where the tops and bottoms of the boxes were put in the floorboards of the Model A. And wouldn’t you know it, the screw holes matched up perfectly with where they needed to be to attach to the frame rails.

As you go through life, you may not know why you were cut a specific way, or why you have a screw hole in what seems like the most obscure place. But know this, we have a God who loves us and has infinitely more foreknowledge than Mr. Ford could have ever had. God is shaping and creating you to fill a specific part in His plan. Rejoice and take comfort knowing whatever circumstances we face, God is at work in us.


Our perspective makes a very large impact in the way we view our lives. We are just back from a needed vacation and my perspective has improved. Before vacation I found myself irritable and with a short fuse, hard to believe I know.

In our travels we visited a couple of different churches. Now when I go to a church I probably view it differently than you do. I am looking for ideas in which we can add to BBC. I am looking to see how they greet guest or if the bathrooms are easy to find. These are important issues especially the bathroom. I pay close attention to how they do intake of the nursery and we follow up with Phoebe to hear what she learned in class. I like to see how each church does the order of their services; each is very different from the other. Does the preaching impact my life? We went to one church and if the preaching doesn’t improve soon the church will cease to exist it was that bad.

Some churches you can tell have a strong sense of pastoral leadership and other do not. Some have a sincere desire for God’s Word and others do not. Some when you walk in the door you can sense that something great is about to happen and others, greatness has never come across their mind collectively as a church.

Here is my point; when we are negative our perspective needs to change.

Each time I am away from home I come back more thankful. Do what you have to do get your heart and mind in a place where it is thankful and appreciative for our church. It isn’t perfect but it is a special place. We have a pastor who loves us and cares enough to preach the Word of God faithfully each week. Everett Bible Baptist Church is our home and its good to be back after three weeks away with a refreshed perspective. Remember this, perspective is not what we see but the way we see it.

Pastor Sam Green