Our perspective makes a very large impact in the way we view our lives. We are just back from a needed vacation and my perspective has improved. Before vacation I found myself irritable and with a short fuse, hard to believe I know.

In our travels we visited a couple of different churches. Now when I go to a church I probably view it differently than you do. I am looking for ideas in which we can add to BBC. I am looking to see how they greet guest or if the bathrooms are easy to find. These are important issues especially the bathroom. I pay close attention to how they do intake of the nursery and we follow up with Phoebe to hear what she learned in class. I like to see how each church does the order of their services; each is very different from the other. Does the preaching impact my life? We went to one church and if the preaching doesn’t improve soon the church will cease to exist it was that bad.

Some churches you can tell have a strong sense of pastoral leadership and other do not. Some have a sincere desire for God’s Word and others do not. Some when you walk in the door you can sense that something great is about to happen and others, greatness has never come across their mind collectively as a church.

Here is my point; when we are negative our perspective needs to change.

Each time I am away from home I come back more thankful. Do what you have to do get your heart and mind in a place where it is thankful and appreciative for our church. It isn’t perfect but it is a special place. We have a pastor who loves us and cares enough to preach the Word of God faithfully each week. Everett Bible Baptist Church is our home and its good to be back after three weeks away with a refreshed perspective. Remember this, perspective is not what we see but the way we see it.

Pastor Sam Green