Wow, what a great summer for the Pacific Northwest!  Most of our church family this summer has taken the opportunity to “get away” and rest.  My family and I had some wonderful times of rest and relaxation this summer.  But autumn is quickly approaching, and that means we will be getting “back to it”.  We will be getting…back to school, back to work, back to the schedule. 

I want to take this opportunity to encourage all of us to get “back to church”.  Church is such a vital component to a vibrant Christian life.  It is easy to get out of the habit of coming to church through all the activity of summer.  So, in order to encourage our members to start the Fall season off right we will be having a “Church-family Reunion Sunday”. 

On September 13th in our AM service will be a church-family reunion with the purpose of regrouping as we head into the Fall season.  Below you will see an acrostic for the word “regroup” to state clearly the purpose of “Church-family Reunion Sunday.

Return to your place in the church family after a summer break that may have kept you from being active in church programs and ministries.
Engage in conversation with your Christian brothers and sisters whom you may not have seen in a while.
Grow through participation in Bible study and worship each service.
Refresh yourself by asking God for the renewal of the Holy Spirit in your life.
Offer yourself to God in whatever way you may be called upon to give or serve.
Undertake some new personal ministry, either through the church or on your own.
Participate fully in the life of your church family.

Join us on September 13th, and start this fall out on the right foot!

-Pastor Sanders