A friend I care about reached out to me the other day concerned that he wasn’t seeing the fruit that he wanted to in his personal soulwinning.  He serves on a church staff where others are having the opportunity to lead people to Christ, and he just wasn’t getting the chance.  I encouraged him to continue being faithful and God would give him opportunities.

We say this phrase often - that soulwinning is better caught than taught.  I mused on this statement as I mowed my lawn the other day.  What does it mean to “catch soulwinning”?  Is it like catching a cold where it is out of my control, and I can’t help but lead people to Jesus?  Or is it like the coyote always chasing and trying to catch the roadrunner?  What does it mean?

This is what I came up with; it is simply having a desire to see people saved.  I have learned in this life that I do what is important to me.  I do what is on my mind.  When golf is on my mind, I play golf. When spending time with my family is on my mind, I spend time with my family.  To “catch soulwinning” is to have the desire to see God use you to point others to Jesus.

Here is my challenge for you this week: each morning when you wake up, before your feet hit the floor, ask God for the opportunity to share your faith that day. That is the easy part. Here is the not-so-easy part.  When the Spirit of God prompts you to share your faith, DO IT. 

That friend I told you about that wasn’t seeing fruit called me this week overjoyed about how God used him to lead someone to Christ.  Be bold this week; trust God to share your faith. Spurgeon said, “God forms man, sin deforms him, the school informs him but only Christ transforms him, therefore preach Christ to ALL Men.”  To “catch soulwinning” is to have a desire to be used that is bigger than your fear of rejection.  Paul said it best in I Corinthians when he wrote, “…that I might by all means save some.”  Pray for the some in your life.