Oftentimes the right perspective makes all the difference. Consider how we view eternity. We regularly refer to our time in eternity as the “after-life.

 Could it be that the very nature in which we talk about it as “after” life betrays how we really feel?

Heaven is the distant, ethereal, antiseptic world where we get to live if we end up being right about God. Everything there is white and peaceful. We see loved ones and sing songs, but here and now is what really matters. This is life. My family, friends, hobbies, career, passions, possessions, experiences are what make up real life. Heaven is simply a footnote to the reality of my existence. It is where I go after life has taken place.

Maybe that’s the reason Christians aren’t concerned about evangelism. Maybe that’s why jobs, sports, education can so easily supplant the things of God. We view the here and now as life, and eternity as simply, “after”.

Perhaps our perspective should change. Maybe we should stop viewing eternity as the “after-life, and start viewing earth as the “pre-life”.  Maybe then we would “set our affection on things above, not on things on the earth”.