It is interesting how Christ the “Great Physician” uses many different instruments to probe our souls and expose what needs to be forsaken and/or followed in our walk with him.  This week God used a book to expose a condition in my heart called Individualitis; please allow me to share an excerpt.
For many years, I have suffered from individualitis.  It’s a debilitating yet curiously common disease of the soul,  and it’s especially common among Western people.  It comes in many forms, but its primary symptom is the unshakable belief that the world is mainly about me.
I don’t know where I caught it. It could have been in school when they taught me that my life is to be lived to bring myself happiness and contentment.   It might have been in bible college where some said to go out and do, and be something great.   I suspect; however, I have had this disease since birth. 
I came across a paragraph from Carl Trueman that punches this whole way of thinking on the nose:
“The belief that we are each special is, by and large, complete tosh.  Most of us are mediocre… and could easily be replaced as husband, father or employee, by someone better suited for the task. . . [Yet] far too many Christians have senses of destiny which verge on the messianic. . . Put bluntly, when I read the Bible it seems to me that the church is the meaning of human history (not the individual).  It is the church, a corporate body, not the distinct individuals who make up her membership… My special destiny as a believer is to be part of the church; and it is the church that is the bigger player in God’s wider plan, not me.”
The man’s got a point.
But many of us don’t see it that way. We think that we are special, unique, and irreplaceable.  In fact, individualitis can affect every aspect of life:

  • “My purpose in life” rather than “our purpose in life”.
  • Many think church is about fulfilling their “felt needs”, rather than feeling the needs of others.

Many believers don’t live isolated lives, but they do live individualistic lives.  God has called us to be part of our local church.  We are to minister to others, and to receive ministering.
The best cure for individualitis is a big dose of what God’s Word says about the church. Our life is not about me individually, but us corporately and Him supremely!
Are you afflicted with the malady of Individualitis?  Is your life about your hopes and desires? 
How are you currently engaged and ministering at Bible Baptist? 
List ways your life can be more about others rather than yourself.