I read a quote this week that captivated my thinking:
“Avoid trivial pursuits. You are a child of God, destined for glory, and called to do great things in His Name. Do not waste your life on hobbies, sports, and other recreational pursuits. Do not throw away the precious moments of your life on entertainment, movies, and video games. Though some of these things can properly have a 'small place' in the Christian’s life, we must be careful not to give undue attention to temporal and fruitless activities. Do not waste your life. Employ the time of your youth in developing the character and skills necessary to be a useful servant of God.”  - Paul Washer
This quote caused me to pause and contemplate my own personal life.
Now, I believe that God has given us “richly all things to enjoy.” (1 Timothy 6:17) But the rub comes when we are enjoying the pursuits of this world more than pursuing our glorious God. Also, if we are giving undue time and attention to the temporal activities of this world, and they are distracting us from eternal pursuits.  
Here are some questions to help us evaluate if we are pursuing something more passionately than our God and eternity:

  • Are the “hobbies” I enjoy becoming too big a part of my life?
  • What do you feel like you have to have to be happy?
  • When you have idle time, what do you accomplish with it?
  • What do you think about in the middle of the night or when you first wake up in the morning?
  • What do you spend a lot of your time on each day?
  • What do you worry about?
  • What would you have a hard time giving up for a month?
  • What do you escape to when you’re having a hard time in life?
  • What do people tell you that you spend too much time on?
  • What do you talk about too much?
  • What could you not live without?
  • Am I being overly distracted by trivial pursuits?

I believe that most of us are not pursing “sinful things”, but we are pursing activities that will not help others or ourselves in eternity.  As God’s children we must keep our eyes on heaven.  We are not made for this world, but for the world to come. 
Only one life so soon it will pass, only what’s done for Christ will last!