Church Planting


Church Planting


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It all started when...

Nearly 50 years ago, Dr. and Mrs. Storz moved to Everett, Washington to plant a Bible-believing Church. Since then, Everett Bible Baptist Church has sprung up in this community and touched hundreds of lives. The church supports many missionaries and many have gone out of this church and are in ministry today. 

This church has decided that its next step is to plant another Bible-believing Church in a surrounding city, with a hope and a desire to plant many.


The Mission

The Mission

Go with the Gospel

The Church and senior Pastor Erik Sanders, under much prayer will select a location for the Church plant. Teams and individuals, along with church planter Keith Birdsong will head to the area spreading the Gospel. The goal is simple: Be faithful, and let God bring the increase.

The Gospel is the focus: The Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is not about going with attractive music, the best ideas, or the greatest strategy, it is about going with the Good News of the Gospel and letting God build His Church.


If something isn't growing, it's dying. The mission of the Church is to build people. The first goal is for someone to know God and know that they have eternal life. The Christian life merely begins there. Believers will grow together through prayer, preaching, worship, fellowship, studies, and other activities all with the purpose of giving God the glory.

Go Again

Once the Church becomes self-supporting, the goal will be for that Church to one day plant a church of its own. Everett Bible Baptist Church will then faithfully choose another location and Go with the Gospel yet again.

The Plan

The Plan


Below is a snapshot of how we as a church are planning to achieve this task. Mostly it is by faith, but here's a game plan for those who are interested in things like that.

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The Church Planter

Keith Birdsong has faithfully serves as the Music Director at Everett Bible Baptist Church. He has always had a passion and desire for church planting. He and his family will step out and plant the first church in this journey.

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Build Relationships

The plan will be to head to the area and meet people and find out who is interested. Before the church is launched there will be weekly Bible Studies and much fellowship so that once the church is begun, there will already be a faithful core group.

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Build a Church

Then we will find a location to hold services and gather together for preaching and worship and see where God takes us.

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